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Adding A Makeup Vanity To The Bathroom? Some Dos And Don'ts

A makeup vanity or grooming station elevates your bathroom experience, especially when added to a primary ensuite. But for the best results, you'll need to avoid the pitfalls and know what to include. 

Here are some dos and don't for a great vanity station no matter how you plan to use it. 

1. Do Use the Right Height

Vanities are designed primarily to accommodate seated users. This means most grooming stations and vanities should be shorter than the surrounding sink countertops. 

How tall or short yours is depends on the particular heights of the users. This can be a little tricky, so test out options before settling on a height. 

2. Don't Make an Obstacle

The vanity should enhance traffic flow and effective use of the bathroom as a whole. It creates a zone for someone to be out of the way in a shared bathroom and a compact space for a wide range of grooming needs. 

But don't let it become an obstacle itself. Most vanities' seating should slide into or under the table so it's not a tripping hazard. And the table itself should never stick out into traffic paths. 

3. Do Install Good Lighting

Lighting is key for this space. The wrong lighting makes it impossible to use it for its intended purpose, since either you can't get the detail you need or the lighting makes users look different. Vanity lighting strategy is generally similar to sink lighting strategy, but it may call for additional options for things like swinging mirrors. 

4. Don't Forget the Utilities

Where should you place the vanity? There is no one right answer, but there are a few wrong answers. 

If you use any electrical appliances during your grooming routine, don't forget to include or provide close access to electrical outlets. In addition, you may want to be reasonably close to the sink for water access as needed. This doesn't necessarily mean right next to the sink, but you can place it in proximity for emergency use. 

5. Do Add Organization

Finally, the makeup vanity probably needs more than just a table and a mirror. Most people have a variety of personal grooming, makeup, and hair accessories they want to use here. So include storage to meet your needs, whether they be large or small. Custom storage is ideal to keep things tidy. 

Where to Start

Get help designing the perfect vanity for your new bathroom. Meet with an experienced bathroom remodeling service in your local community today.  

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