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5 Questions You're Likely To Have About Vinyl Fencing

Thinking about having a vinyl fence installed around your yard, but don't know a ton about the process? Here are some questions you likely have about this type of fencing material. 

Does Vinyl Fencing Become Discolored Over Time?

One of the main benefits of installing a vinyl fence is that the material has a color that is going to last a long time. The entire piece of vinyl has the color all the way through it, so scratches are not going to cause another color to show on the fencing material. It will also not fade under constant exposure to the sun, so you don't have to worry about losing the color gradually over time. 

Does Vinyl Fencing Require Much Maintenance?

Many homeowners love vinyl fencing because the material requires very little maintenance over the years. All you really have to do is clean the material once it becomes dirty, which can be done by scrubbing it with soap and water. You won't even need to paint a vinyl fence or apply a sealant since the material is designed to withstand heavy wear and tear.

Will Vinyl Fencing Be Expensive?

While vinyl fencing does have a higher upfront cost when compared to other materials, like wood, know that the material can be cheaper over time. This is because vinyl fencing tends to last longer than other fencing materials, and it requires less money to maintain. While you may pay more money at first, it will be more cost-effective if you plan on staying in your home for a very long time. 

What Colors Of Vinyl Fencing Are Available?

When shopping around for vinyl fencing, you'll notice that they tend to come in lighter colors rather than darker ones. This is because the materials used to create vinyl siding will make the base material white. Making a dark color is difficult because it requires a lot of pigments to drastically change the color. In addition, that dark color is going to attract heat to the fence, which you will want to avoid.

Does Vinyl Fencing Come In Custom Heights?

Know that many vinyl fencing products come in standard heights since cities have laws regarding the heights of fences around front and back yards. The materials you purchase will also typically come in these heights. That said, it's possible to request a custom-made fence if you are looking for something that is at a different height than the standard options, it will just cost more money to have it made.

Keep these tips in mind when looking for vinyl fencing services near you.