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Tips For Creating The Perfect Master Bathroom

When it comes to remodeling, one of the most versatile areas to tackle in your house is the bathroom. In fact, if you've decided to give your master bathroom a new look, the possibilities are seemingly endless. Here are a few things to consider to create the master bathroom you've always dreamed of in your home.

Choosing the Right Surface Finish

Counter, floor and shower finishes are important selections when you're remodeling the bathroom. Finishes such as stone, marble and tile are popular choices in bathrooms. If you mix surface textures by combining things like marble and stone together, you'll create an elegant, unique finish.

Maximizing The Light

Light is important in any bathroom, but especially in the master bathroom. If you're trying to get ready for a night out or even for work in the morning, you want to be able to see clearly. If you want to balance the light in the room for the best results, you'll need several layers of light.

  • Task Light – Task lights are the focused, direct lights that shine where you're working, such as over the mirror or directly on the counter. These are the lights that you'll use for makeup, shaving and other hygiene needs. Aim for task lighting that's bright and free of shadows.
  • Ambient Light – Ambient lights are the ones that cast light throughout the room. Maximize these lights by bouncing them off the ceiling. It softens the shadows in the room by distributing the light across a broader area.
  • Natural Light – Although artificial lights are convenient when they're targeted properly, they don't compare to natural lighting. Consider installing large bay windows or over-sized glass panels to let more sunlight in. If you live in an area where there's a lot of traffic, invest in privacy glass panels so that you can enjoy the sunlight without being seen.

Selecting a Spectacular Shower

Don't underestimate the choice of shower in your master bath. Consider investing in a shower that includes multiple shower heads as well as temperature controls. You may even want to add bench-style seats and a steam component. The more features you add, the more versatile your shower space will be.

With so many features available for you to enjoy, your master bathroom can easily become one of the most coveted spots in the house. Talk with a specialist today about your options for your bathroom remodel and start designing the bathroom you've always wanted to have.