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5 Ways To Add A Subtle Touch With Sci-Fi Decorations

Science fiction movies and comics are bright, loud, and filled with crazy creatures. When you want to add a touch of sci-fi fandom to the decorations in your home, you can have a more effective appeal by choosing a more subtle approach. With accents, highlights, and small touches, an interior decorator can help plan out designs to any room in the home. Browse through five different rooms and see how an interior designer can help shape them into a great sci-fi dedication without going overboard.


Instead of reverting back to your childhood of fully designed sci-fi bed sheets and posters, a designer can help pick subtle items for the bedroom. A bedside lamp base is great way to feature sci-fi elements like your favorite ships or a hero.

Bedroom knobs also offer opportunities to add a nice touch. This includes door knobs or smaller knobs for your dresser. Different elements can include ships, alien heads, or knobs in the shape of planets. A designer can help match materials and colors to the base design of doors and dressers.

Living Room

With DVD collections, books, and other items, your living room will likely already have a good amount of science fiction applied to it. When working with a designer, consider a variety of curtain patterns that you can hang in the living room. Designers can give you direct designs based off actual movies or you can select something more abstract. Your options will help compliment furniture colors.


Add small accents in the bathroom. One of the easiest ways to do this is with a shower curtain or bathmat. Each item can feature various science fiction patterns and designs. For example, you can add a bathmat in the shape of a planet or alien head. Shower curtains can feature the same type of patterned designs. Multiple color options will allow you and the designer to choose the best options.


Cook up some great meals while surrounded with some fun sci-fi designs. One of the easiest accent decorations in the kitchen are salt and pepper shakers. You can find pairs of shakers based off your favorite sci-fi movie characters or monsters. The salt and pepper shakers also make a great table centerpiece for entertaining guests.

Additional kitchen decoration items include table cloths or oven mitts. If you have a hanging rack in your kitchen for keys, coats, and other items, a decorator can help you pick out different hooks with a sci-fi design applied to them.

By breaking down each room, it makes it a lot easier to choose decorations and have a house that flows naturally.

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