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Update The Look Of Your Room With Hardwood Flooring

Updating the look of a room in your home doesn't have to be difficult if you create a focal point. Many people choose to use an accent wall as the focal point, but this often limits the décor options that you have because you will be trying to tie the color of the wall into the other elements of décor in your room. Instead, consider making the flooring in the room the focal point. A stylish floor can give any room a pop of uniqueness and really make it shine. The following guide walks you through the process of choosing the right hardwood flooring for any room.

Choose the Right Finish

Hardwood flooring is available in just about any finish you can imagine. If you are flooring a large room, you may want to choose a lighter finish to give the room a bright and airy feel. If you are flooring a small wood, a rich, deep finish can give the room a more intimate, welcoming look. You can even mix different finishes together if you want the room to have an eclectic look.

Choose an Elegant Pattern

Next, choose how you want the flooring laid out when it is installed. The installation crew can create a pattern with the flooring to make it even more unique. You can choose to have squares, diamonds, diagonal striping, or simply have rows created with the flooring. Choosing an intricate pattern will cost you more money in the long run because the boards will need to be cut to specific dimensions to fit the pattern you want created, which can lead to more wood being used in the end.

Add Decorative Customization to the Flooring

Finally, go to the corner of the flooring and use outdoor paint to stencil a design onto the floor. You can choose a large or a small stencil to create the design, but you need to be sure that you allow the paint to dry overnight before allowing anyone to walk on it to ensure that it doesn't smear. This delicate accent will give your floor even more personality and costs very little to do.

Once you have finished creating the focal point of the room, add decorative elements that pair well with the decorative embellishments you added to the flooring. People are sure to be in awe of the beauty of your floor, and it should serve as quite the conversation starter. 

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