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Show Kitchen: Creating A Space For Cooking And Entertaining

Are you tired of your cramped little kitchen? Do you long for a space where you can cook and entertain at the same time? Maybe you have thought about remodeling, but are not sure where to start. Here are a few ideas for achieving the perfect entertaining kitchen.

Take down that wall.

One of the most frustrating things about a tiny kitchen is that they are often closed off from the rest of the house by an empty, yet sometimes load bearing wall. This makes the prospect of an open floor plan challenging, but not impossible to achieve. Archways and columns offer a less obstructed view into the kitchen, while still providing some of the support that your home needs. Make sure that you hire a licensed contractor to do this, so that they can make sure the beams are tied in properly.

Add an island.

Once the wall has been opened up, you may find yourself lacking cabinet space, or wanting a bit of a partition between the couch and the dishwasher. If this is the case, a great addition to your newly expanded kitchen is an island. In many homes, islands serve as prep space, a place for the dishwasher or stove, added cabinetry, or even extra seating. They can make your home feel more warm and inviting, as well as encourage socialization in the kitchen.

Create a back-splash.

Have you ever noticed how dingy the wall behind your sink or stove looks? Food spatters there and has to be wiped off frequently. However, with frequent wiping, the paint begins to dull and look dirty almost immediately after it has been cleaned. What you need is a back-splash. This tile wall provides a surface that is easy to clean and stands up to the daily grime of cooking. It may be possible to continue the counter-top material up the wall for a uniform look, or if you are looking to add character, you could change it up with a tile design or even brick.

Look for ways to add your personality.

While the idea of having your dream kitchen is nice, don't forget that it is your kitchen. Think about things that you would like, and go with them, rather than just settling for what looks nice or what is recommended by a designer. For example, many people like the look of a radiant range in the island, because it sits flush with the counter top. However, if you prefer to cook with gas, skip the radiant and go for a gas cooktop.

Remodeling your kitchen for the purpose of entertaining can be a very rewarding experience. With a little creativity and a bit of your own personality, your new kitchen can be a space that you will enjoy for many years. For more information, contact Kitchen & Bath Innovations or a similar company.